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Marketing Research & Public Policy
Motivations are complex -- the individual cannot always articulate them.  We strike to the core of what motivates people, not just on a rational level, but deep into the subconscious, where real decisions often occur.

We develop a strategy driven through the eyes of the consumer or constituency -- "How do we know what they want?  We ask them."  Whether we're engaged in public policy or product research, we have found that truly targeting and knowing an audience is the key to successful advocacy or profit.  And by integrating attitudinal and opinion research with demographics and other information sources, we can back up our recommended approaches.
Data is collected, colorful graphs are presented, and focus group quotes are shown, but the real value ought to be: 

how the numbers and other data
are interpreted and used. 

We're skilled technical practictioners who use our tools to go beyond "who" and "what" –- to get to "why," "why not," and "so what."

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