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We’re committed to excellence.  We have a passionate understanding of the craft of understanding motivations and actions.

Speed matters.  Our insights and recommendations get to you quickly to assist you in your decision-making.  If they didn’t, they would be just an historical document.

We bring energy to every project.  You’re not hiring us for seat-of-the-pants consulting – our recommendations are based on data, and that requires hard work.

All projects use senior level talent.  An experienced person working on your business or advocacy will have hands-on involvement in managing all aspects of the project.

We are flexible collaborators.  Either as prime contractor or subcontractor, we understand the role of consultants.  We are comfortable working with other consultants, as well as advertising and public relations agencies.

Effective communication with clients ought to be part of the Bill of Rights.  We provide insightful, easy-to-read reporting of findings and implications, with minimal jargon.  We can provide CDs that include actual participants' focus group comments, which adds emotion and intensity to dry presentations.

We bring a comfort level to every project.  We meet and exceed expectations, and we’re sensitive to client politics and agendas.

Loyalty to clients, many we’ve known for decades, is a founding principle.

We also have a passion for fun.

APPEL RESEARCH, LLC, 475 K Street NW, Suite 1015, Washington, DC, (202) 289-6707, info@appelresearch.com