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Marketing Research & Public Policy
Quantitative Research (Surveys & Polls)
Most of Appel Research’s projects involve selecting from among a range of ideas and concepts under consideration, whether these concepts are new product ideas, public policy positions, advertising executions, or positioning platforms.

From short opinion polls to full-blown, multi-stage studies of complex issues, our perceptive analyses and graphic presentations enable effective decision-making.  Research approaches can range from "AA and U” studies (Awareness, Attitude and Usage) to simulation studies where market size, market share, and revenue are projected for companies who want some insight before committing serious dollars to launching a new product or service.

We use a wide range of analytical tools and statistical techniques, ranging from basic crosstabs to advanced analytical methodologies, with detailed segmentation. 

The results will be precise and on target, enabling you to accurately assess the marketplace or public square and make solid strategic decisions.

The results of our quantitative surveys of randomly selected samples can be generalized to an entire population.  While we cut our teeth on telephone surveys, (initially in the political arena where accuracy is easily compared to election day results), we find that on-line surveys are becoming increasingly projectable, as Internet penetration becomes more representative of the population.  In addition, increasingly sophisticated panels enable us to gear surveys toward specific pre-screened populations.
Some Types of Surveys:

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