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Perception Analyzers

APPEL RESEARCH, LLC uses Perception Analyzers (PAs)  to elicit instant, honest and unbiased feedback from a group through the use of wireless hand-held dials.  The real value of this tool is the ability to determine the direction and intensity of attitudes and opinions, individually, by groups, and in the aggregate.
Originally designed for improving communication in focus groups, Perception Analyzers allows respondents to answer closed end questions non-verbally and anonymously, promoting unbiased participation and eliminating ‘group think’ and negative group dynamics.  Since the PA™ can reveal how each person in a focus group answers each question, we are able to use this information in our probes.  In addition, we can consider a respondent’s verbal responses in light of their non-verbal PA™ answers, looking for similarities and differences.  As an added benefit, the simple dial design translates easily to all languages and cultures.
Using the PA dials, respondents instantly provide anonymous and unbiased feedback to questions asked by the moderator. The feedback is aggregated and the resulting data points are instantaneously displayed on the viewing monitors of the moderator and back-room client.
Moment-to-moment analysis of continuous audio and video materials:

The audio or video material is presented, with a line graph overlay showing, for example, the second-by-second opinions all the way through a TV commercial.  We also use PAs to measure speeches, debates, and mock trials for high and low points in agreement and persuasion.

Trade-off analysis – choosing the best option:

When comparing options - packaging choices, arguments, concepts – each person in your decision-making group compares each one to all the others.  The results include rankings for which option is favored, by how much, and the intensity of each opinion.

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