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Marketing Research & Public Policy
Strategic Marketing Consulting
As experienced strategic marketing and public policy consultants, we work with our clients to provide a broad range of services including:

And we have the tools to get the job done – tested to be methodologically sound and consistent.
Interviewing and Data Collection
Survey Processing
Marketing Intelligence and Environmental Scanning
The heart of most marketing research, we provide both qualitative and quantitative services.

  Telephone, On-Line, Mail (with high rates-of-return), Benchmark and continuous
  tracking, Perception Analyzer dial groups.

  In-Person, On-line focus groups and bulletin boards, In-depth interviews (IDIs),

We use both methodologies in a high proportion of our projects because these techniques often complement each other, rather than compete.
Project management, questionnaire writing and layout, data processing, reporting and statistical analysis, verbatim reporting and coding, key entry, optical scanning.
Quick, inexpensive access to existing information relevant to markets, products and services.  Based on electronic databases, reports, publications, government statistics, and selected telephone interviews.  Uses databases, journal searches, and demographic studies.
Our reports are onsistent with objectives, with and emphasis on insights and recommendations. 

As clients are increasingly demanding, they tend to be short and focused, with easy-to-follow graphics, which saves time and mental editing.  Executive summaries of the findings, along with pictorial representations, verbatims, and video clips helps to better recall not only what people said, but also the emotion and intensity with which they said it.  It also helps people who could not attend the groups feel like they were there.

We are also able to tailor reports to meet other audience needs: from a 1-2 page lucid "Key Findings" take to a report that provides all the justifying and contradictory details.  And we will help you to determine what kind of report you need for each purpose.
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