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Steve Appel has led APPEL RESEARCH, LLC, a marketing research and public policy consultancy, since 1978.  His firm uses sophisticated research tools to uncover strategies and develop actionable recommendations, via custom-designed opinion-based surveys and demographic research.  Recently relocating the firm to Washington DC from Albany, NY, he performs market analyses and and other consulting tasks for business; public opinion and policy studies for governmental agencies and private associations; Internet web site design and usability testing; strategic benchmark and tracking surveys for political candidates; and message development for all.

Mr. Appel has a significant background in information gathering, analysis, and implementation, having supervised hundreds of studies of various types, involving thousands of respondents, and in several languages.  He is particularly skilled at coordinating quantitative, qualitative, and secondary research to lead to solutions.

In the private sector, he has completed projects for clients as varied as Frito-Lay and several start-up software companies.  In the public sector, clients include the New York State Health Department, The New York City Police Department, and several California schools districts.  His not-for-profit clients have included the San Francisco Bar Association and public radio and television stations.  He was also selected in a competition by a team from the Marketing Research Association, the premier trade group in his field, to conduct internal research for the organization.  His work also appeared in a Commonwealth Fund paper in a fifty-state survey of Medicaid policy, and he recently completed a detailed study on how to develop a regional talent pipeline for mid-level technical jobs in upstate New York.

In addition to his work with APPEL RESEARCH, LLC, Mr. Appel directed research operations for the New York State Assembly and Senate for two decades, tracking legislation and conducting long term studies in economic development, especially in the small business and financial sectors, as well as transportation, land use planning, health care, criminal justice, banking, and human services.   His studies included local government administrative costs, program effectiveness in various state agencies, and measurement of constituent services.  He was also the chief investigator in an attempt to prevent the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) from entering New York.

Mr. Appel holds a Professional Research Certification (PRC) with an “Expert” rating from the Marketing Research Association, and is a longtime member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).  He is also an author of marketing research articles (Quirk’s Marketing Research Review featured a cover story on his innovative use of dial group technology in health care, for example), and has presented research findings and approaches to leading marketing research and other business organizations.

Educated originally in political science and regional planning, Steve holds an M.B.A. degree from the Lally School of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)with a concentration in management and technology.  He currently serves on an alumni board there. 

Advanced training with the RIVA Institute in focus group moderating rounds out Mr. Appel's background.

APPEL RESEARCH, LLC, 475 K Street NW, Suite 1015, Washington, DC, (202) 289-6707, info@appelresearch.com