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Marketing Research & Public Policy
Basic Operating Procedures:
To start, we work with clients to establish scope and direction, in order to avoid costly "sidetracking."  We focus on results, not techniques.
Planning for thrusts into new markets is exciting, but we never lose sight of those who represent the core of a business or constituency.  Through our customer satisfaction studies, we can generate candid customer opinions as well as critical information about our competitors.
Consistent accuracy can only be achieved by adhering to rigorous methodological standards and attention to detail.  Our respondents are selected to exact standards with ample callbacks to assure maximum response rates, and we maintain total control over our data and statistics by using our own specialized software.
Despite the technical nature of our work, data and recommendations can best be communicated in plain English.  By combining our data-analysis with a solid sense of pictorial style, we can convey our findings effectively.  One of our graphs even appeared within a New York Times Editorial.
We are a "custom" research company.  Every service is unique, but we don't reinvent the wheel when an existing product will meet your needs.
Our aim is to provide high-quality services at fair prices.  We cut unnecessary services.  We don't cut corners.
APPEL RESEARCH, LLC, 475 K Street NW, Suite 1015, Washington, DC, (202) 289-6707, info@appelresearch.com