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Marketing Research & Public Policy
A consortium of executive-level consultants founded in 1991, members use their extensive range of skills and experience to help clients tackle their most challenging and complex issues with world-class results.  The organization consists of approximately fifty of the best consultants in the northeastern New York/western Massachusetts region, bringing fervor, depth and unequaled real world experience to any challenge.  Those who qualify for affiliation are thinkers, strategists and implementers, all with a passion to succeed.
A select team of highly experienced professionals, its members provide consulting services in many technical fields, including economics and public finance, market research, environmental management, transportation and recreation planning, energy policy and information systems. The firm also offers expertise in organizational and management analysis.  An additional specialty is in shared municipal services and consolidation of local governments.  The organization offers teams that have the combined expertise to carry out or oversee all project phases of research, assessments, impact studies, feasibility analysis, and policy and strategy development.
Led by Barbara Bird, RNC, NP with several decades of experience in health care management, Bird Consulting Group helps health care professionals to identify and solve the problems of practice management.  As consultants in Health Care Management, the firm provides technical assistance to health care agencies in patient flow management, appointment systems and staffing patterns; Design and revision of job descriptions: Educational and training programs to health care providers; Marketing of health care services; and Design and production of health education materials.
Consulting group headed by Kathryn Kuhmerker, former Medicaid Director for New York State, the firm uses its public policy expertise to consult in the areas of Medicaid and health care policy, Pay for Performance programs, health care for the uninsured, long-term care, and program management and implementation.  With many years of experience in the New York State Division of the Budget, the firm is also able to assist its clients in program analysis, managment, budgeting, and design of many government-operated programs.
The Marketing Research Association is a national organization of 3,000 professionals representing all segments in the marketing research industry.  It is dedicated to advancing the practical application, use and understanding of the opinion and marketing research profession.  It conducts educational programs, conferences, and training sessions, and provides networking opportunities and publications for its members.  The MRA also offers a certification program which grants "Professional Research Certification" (PRC) status at various levels to individuals who meet their standards.  Steven Appel of Appel Research, LLC holds a PRC certification at the "expert" level.
The QRCA is an organization of nearly 1,000 of the top qualitative research professionals from throughout the world, who gather to share techniques and expertise, while advancing the professional.  The members include focus group moderators, facilitators, interviewers, and planners in many types of qualitative research. Their expertise includes focus groups, individual depth interviews (IDIs), ethnography, observational research, usability research, idea generation, and other qualitative approaches in-person and online.  Appel Research, LLC endorses the QRCA Professional Competencies standards.
Bird Consulting Group, Inc.
The Kuhmerker Consulting Group, LLC
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The Baltimore - Washington Chapter of the foremost organization for practicianers of public opinion ressearch, DC-AAPOR provides an exciting forum for discussion and debate about methodological, ethical, and substantive issues related to a range of research topics.