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Marketing Research & Public Policy
APPEL RESEARCH, LLC is a marketing research and public policy consultancy, providing solutions based on skill sets, experience, and investigative tools.

Located in Washington DC, after many years in New York's Capital District, the firm possesses an arsenal of custom-designed opinion survey, demographic, and investigative methodologies.


Why you may need APPEL RESEARCH, LLC
The success of your business, advocacy, or public policy campaign depends on how well you can answer the following questions:

What is its size, its demographics, its segmentation?
What product or message attributes are most effective?

What is my market share in my core products or ideas?
How is my product or organization perceived?  What is my                brand equity?  How do I compare with my competitors? 
In which direction are the trend lines headed? 

.. making a change in the characteristics of my
product/idea ..  changing prices or means of delivery ..
introducing a new product/idea .. selling to or
influencing a new segment?

.. undercut or attack me .. challenge my distribution
system by selling directly .. develop a new product to
make mine obsolete?

.. my key market segment is aging out or moving away ..
the expectation of value has become more important
than price alone ..  customers are choosing multi-purpose
products and mine is a single purpose one?

.. a major economic downturn .. new political leaders ..
a major change in the tax structure or regulatory
environment .. an outbreak of war .. ?
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Sampling of APPEL RESEARCH, LLC Publications and Reports

New York State Department of Health
(Updated version of article originally appearing in
Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
"Addressing Many, Speaking to One"
  Tasked with increasing pre-natal medical care among hardest-to-reach women, Perception Analyzer dial systems were used to create messages and strategies for a mass marketing campaign that moved the targeted audience toward doctors and health clinics.

The Commonwealth Fund
"Pay-for-Performance in State Medicaid Programs"
  Appel Research guided methodology, evaluation tools, and provided analytical and editorial support for a survey of State Medicaid Directors and Programs, authored by Kathryn Kuhmerker (Kuhmerker Consulting Group) and Thomas Hartman (IPRO). 

Long Island East End Public Transportation Proposal
Quantitative and Qualitative Survey Report
Quantitative and Qualitative Survey Presentation
  Appel Research conducted focus groups and surveys to determine public support for a major public transportation plan - form a new government entity to take over, coordinate and operate the Long Island Rail Road and bus lines in the region.

Capital Region Workforce Investment Boards
Greater Capital Region (NY) Talent Pipeline Study
  Major expansion plans in nanotech and other high tech industries led to a workforce talent pipeline study of the 11-county region.  Demographic analyses and hundreds of interviews found upcoming labor shortages for mid-level technical workers; solutions involve organizing the business community and reorienting the educational system to meet the challenge, especially the community colleges.

DR Group / Business & Financial Consultants
Survey of Capital District Construction Industry
  Companies engaged in construction in NY's Capital region were surveyed on trends and issues by Appel Research for a leading consulting group in the industry.

Pharmacists Society of the State of New York
Working Conditions of Pharmacists Survey Report
  Survey of employee pharmacists with respect to working conditions, including data on workload and practice issues.

Liberty Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Revitalization Study Presentation
  In partnership with The Hudson Group, Appel Research conducted surveys and focus groups of stakeholders and prospective customers to assess market opportunities.

APPEL RESEARCH, LLC, 475 K Street NW, Suite 1015, Washington, DC, (202) 289-6707, info@appelresearch.com.
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